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Our Services

Our services fall into two broad categories:

Accounting and Management Consulting

We assist clients in managing their financial and human resources to achieve their personal and organizational goals. Our services include:

  • Monthly Accounting Services
  • Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Financial and Operational Audits
  • Compilation and Reviews
  • Internal Control studies & recommendations
  • Budgeting
  • Business Planning

Government Contract Services

We offer accounting and regulatory compliance services, including the following, to federal, state and local government contractors.

Accounting System
If your contract is funded in part or whole by the federal government, your accounting systems must comply with the requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and in some instances may need to comply with the Cost Accounting Standards (CAS). We will assist in reviewing, designing and implementing accounting systems that comply with the requirements of the FAR and CAS, including accumulation and allocation of direct and indirect costs to cost objectives.

Internal Control Policies and Procedures
Maintenance of proper internal control Policies and Procedures is critical to successful operation of a government contracting business or any other form of businesses. By adopting a set of Internal Control Policies and Procedures, the business is able to identify its objectives and provide guidance to its management and employees for their responsibilities to achieving the stated objectives. We provide assistance in developing policies and a procedures relating to the Company’s accounting system, estimating system and other systems of Internal Controls. In developing internal controls and other related government contracting activities, we make sure that such policies and procedures comply with the requirements of FAR and CAS, other related regulatory requirements and objectives of Company’s management.

Cost/Price Proposal Support
Government contractors are required to prepare proposals that are current, accurate and complete. We assist in developing a complete proposal packages with relevant supporting schedules and basis of estimates or rationale for the costs proposed.

Forward Pricing Rates Proposals
The Government contractor is often required to prepare and submit a Forward Pricing Rates (FPR) proposal in support of future contract activities. The Government Contracting Officers use the FPR as basis to establish provisional billing rates that the Contractor will use to bill the government during performance of a cost-reimbursable type contract until actual indirect costs rates can be determined. We assist contractors in preparing the Forward Pricing Rates proposals and review, for adequacy, contractor’s own prepared proposals.

Incurred Cost Submissions
Government contractors performing on cost-reimbursable contracts must annually prepare a Final Indirect Rate Cost Submission. We assist contractors in preparing and submitting Final Indirect Cost Rates proposals to DCAA or other audit agencies.

Other Services

  • Pre-award Audits/Reviews of contractor’s own designed accounting system and other systems of internal controls.
  • Alternative Cost Allocation methodologies to achieve maximum cost recovery.
  • Contract close-outs.
  • Claims and Terminations.
  • DCAA/IRS audits, negotiations and litigation support.
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